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Subscription Box FAQ

Subscription Box Shipping Information

To ensure that your order is processed and shipped in a timely manner from our Las Vegas warehouse, please make sure that your shipping address is entered FULLY and CORRECTLY. Please include all relevant and/or required information. In addition, the

Subscription Portal Management Information

HOW DO I UPDATE MY SHIPPING ADDRESS?. You can easily update your shipping address by logging into your subscription portal - please login to your subscription portal by clicking here. Here are the steps to update the shipping address once:. HOW DO I

Subscription Plan Details

DOES MY SUBSCRIPTION PLAN AUTO-RENEW?. Yes, all month-to-month orders will renew automatically depending on which frequency plan was selected during sign up. We have 3 frequencies: monthly, every 2 months, and every 3 months. Depending on the frequen

Your Subscription Contract

REGISTRATION AND MEMBERSHIP. Subscription boxes for HEMPER CO™, build a box CORE, and build a box PLUS are shipped to your address at the address you provided. You may receive emails regarding your account or promotions for special offers, including