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Hemper Product FAQUpdated 2 years ago

How do the Tiers promotion work. 

You have to spend up to 50,100, 150 to get Tier 1, Tier 2 or Tier 3. 

Each Tier more items are added to the last. 

( You do not get everything you see in all the pictures multiple times) If you spend 150 or more you get everything you see in Tier 3. 

45º Quartz Banger | 14mm Male Joint | 21mm OD | 2mm Thickness

Q: What carb cap would you recommend for this 45 degree banger?


Q: Can you use this on any dab rig?

A: Yes! As long as the dimensions can fit a 14 mm banger or bowl.

Blazer - Big Buddy Turbo Torch

Q: Does the torch come with butane in it already?

A: Yes it does! All of our torches are pre-filled with butane. 

Q: Is this torch refillable?

A: Yes, it is :)

Core Reactor Clear Bottom Quartz Banger | 14mm Male Joint | 25mm OD | 2mm Thickness

Q: How do I heat this up? Just the bottom, the sides, all over? Will it turn red when it’s hot enough and then cool down to use? 

A: You will use heat mainly on the bottom of the banger. Try to rotate slightly from side to side to get the side walls of the banger as well. You should heat a banger for at least 30 seconds while continually moving but probably no longer than 60 seconds. It takes time to get it down and the heat of the banger can range from person to person. 

Flat Top Opaque Bottom Quartz Banger | 14mm Male Joint | 25mm OD | 2mm Thickness

Q: How long should I heat this?

A: Be sure to move the torch regularly so you don’t get spots that are hotter than others. Heat the quartz banger for about 30 seconds to a minute, or until the banger glows.

Once the quartz begins to glow, remove the torch. Now it’s time to wait. Depending on your preferred dab temperature, you’ll be waiting for anywhere from 15 seconds to a full minute.

Gold Twisty Glass Blunt v12

Q: Approximately how many grams will this thing hold?

A: The Twisty Glass Blunts hold anywhere from 1 gram to 2 grams depending on how tight you pack it. 

GRAV - Glass Blunt

Q: Do you put a blunt inside of it or do you just put the weed in it like a one hitter?

A: You would put herbs inside of it like a regular one-hitter.

HEMPER - Gaming Rolling Tray

Q: What material is this made out of?

A: Our rolling trays are made out of Metal. Specifically Tin Metal.

HEMPER - Ninja Rig 7"

Q: Can you smoke bud in the bowl or is it just for dabs?

A: This piece can be used for both flowers and concentrates using either a 14mm flower bowl or banger! 

Q: Does the Ninja Sword come with the rig?

A: It does not come with either the 7” or XL , the ninja dab tool will have to be purchased individually.

HEMPER - Terp Slurper Marble + Pill Set

Q: What are these made out of? Quartz? 

A: These are made of borosilicate glass. 

HEMPER - Tornado Vortex Rig 6"

Q: Does smoke come out of the holes?

A: Smoke does not come out of the holes; it does create a cool vortex function! 

HEMPER - Trophy Recycler Rig 7"

Q: Why would I want a recycler as opposed to say a traditional bong piece??

A: That's a great question. Let me explain recyclers, they usually consist of two chambers attached by intake and drain tubes. The first chamber your smoke hits holds the primary percolator of your pipe. It functions to filter the smoke and pull both smoke and water into the second chamber via the intake. This second chamber usually has a conical shape, forcing the water to spin in a whirlpool fashion.

Recyclers are highly recommended when dabbing (:

HEMPER - UFO Vortex Bong 7"

Q: How would you recommend filling it?

A: To fill, you would remove the bowl, and fill with water through that hole. 

Q: How do you clean this piece?

A: Our team always highly recommends using our KLEAR- Kryptonite cleaning solution alongside our HemperTech cleaning plugs! You'll simply pour the cleaner in the piece and plug all holes with the cleaning plugs. You’ll then give it a shake and let sit for 20-30 minutes before rinsing with hot water. 

HEMPER - 8mm Glass Filter Tip

Q: Does it go inside the joint/ blunt or on the outside??

A: The glass tip goes inside the mouthpiece area of the joint/blunt. It helps provide a smooth pull and smoke.

Q: Can this be used with cones? 

A: Absolutely, It provides a smooth smoke (:

HEMPER - Cactus Jack Bong 7"

Q: How easy is this to clean?

A: All of our bongs are extremely easy to clean when using our KLEAR- Kryptonite cleaning solution alongside our HemperTech cleaning plugs! You'll simply pour the cleaner in the piece and plug all holes with the cleaning plugs. You’ll then give it a shake and let sit for 20-30 minutes before rinsing with hot water. 

HEMPER - Camo Smell Proof bags Large Size - 5ct

Q: What are the dimensions? 

A: 8" x 7"

HEMPER - Camo Smell Proof Bags Medium Size - 10ct

Q: What are the dimensions?

A: 4" x 7"

HEMPER - Coco Mug Rig 6"

Q: Can I use this for concentrates and flower?

A: All HEMPER pieces can be used for flowers or concentrates. If you wish to use it for concentrates, just need to attach a 14 mm male banger. If you wish to use it for flower, just attach the 14 mm flower bowl that comes with the piece. 

HEMPER - Directional Glass Carb Capi

Q: Does this cap fit a 14mm banger?

A: Yes it does! 

HEMPER - Notes Luxury Rolling Papers

Q: What is the length of these papers?

A: King Size!

Q: How many papers come in a single pack?

A: 24 papers come in one pack 

HEMPER- Rolling Kit

Q: What grinder is in this package?

A: The small HEMPER grinder!

HEMPER - Silicone Dab Mat Small

Q: What are the dimensions?

A: 4" x 6"

HEMPER - Straight Tube Bong 6.5"

Q: Is this the bong you put ice cubes on ?

A: Yes, this product includes an ice catcher.

HEMPER - The Keeper 3-in-1 Grinder Storage Container

Q: How many inches of storage is inside below the grinder?

A: Without the grinder, it has about 4 inches of storage. With the grinder, there is less space. However, the grinder has its own storage compartment.

HEMPER - UFO Vortex Mothership XL Bong 10"

Q: What is the water level?

A: We would recommend having the water a little under the first line on the piece.

HEMPER Tech - Cleaning Plugs+Caps

Q: Will this fit on all of your bongs?

A: The cleaning plugs can fit in 10mm, 14mm, and 18 mm water pipes (:

Klear - Kryptonite Cleaner 270mL Bottle

Q: Will it work on silicone pieces?

A: Yes this will work for silicone pieces as well.

Q: Is it just liquid or does it have salt in it?

A: It does have salt crystals in it. Those bits actually help to get a more thorough clean.

Pipe Vape Battery

Q:How do you know when the Hemper is done charging?

A: When the battery is done charging, the lights will turn red. 

Q: What do the lights mean and what voltage? 

A:The different colors are the different voltages. Green- 3.0v to blue- 3.7v to red- 4.2v. Red would mean that it is fully charged. 

Q: How long should I charge it

A: 2-3 hours should be ideal; it totally depends on how often you plan on using it!

Q:Is the battery draw activated or do you have to hold the button?

A: You will have to hold down the button!

Q: What cart can I put on this battery?

A: This battery can take all 510 thread cartridges! 

Thermo Chromic Quartz Banger with Color Changing Crystals | 14mm Male Joint | 25mm OD | 5mm Thickness

Q:What color does each color turn when hot? 

A: Yellow changes to a reddish-orange. This is our most vibrant color change. The blue one and green banger change to a lighter shade and our red banger changes to yellow.

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